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Series of Financial and Lifestyle Books, eBooks, and Audiobooks


The Official Introduction to the BJM Series

The Path to Create,

Retain, & Protect Wealth


A Guide to
Lasting Wealth For Baby Boomers &
the Silent Generation


A Guide to Financial Security For Gen X & Millennials


A Guide to
Financial Harmony For the Newly
(or Nearly) Married


Written by a father-daughter team of financial advisors passionate about demystifying the financial world through common sense, real-world wisdom, tough love, and cross-generational humor, the Blue Jeans Millionaire book series invites you to fuel motivation around money, edit your expectations, and gear up to get your financial house in order.


Richard Epley has been writing and speaking under the Blue Jeans Millionaire trademark since the 1980s. He began his career as a real estate investor in the 1970s and expanded into business ownership in both California and Texas. Previous to those experiences, he had worked as a warehouseman and truck driver to put himself through college. He served in the Marine Corps upon graduation.


He has a BS in finance, MBA and Ph.D. degrees in business, and is an emeritus holder of the CFP® certification. He served on the adjunct faculty at the San Francisco State University business school, as well as the Executive MBA faculty at Golden Gate University in San Francisco.


His work history includes real estate brokerage, property management, and investment property syndication, with a range of private wealth management activities including portfolio management and private equity investments.


Richard currently focuses his efforts on five synergistic business ventures, including:


  • A franchise distributorship specializing in cutting-edge preventive healthcare products

  • A private wealth management practice for small business owners and professionals

  • A portfolio of private real estate partnerships

  • A portfolio of private equity investments

  • Pangeneric Press: an eBook, audiobook and print-on-demand publishing company


He is currently working on his memoir.


Angela Epley has benefited from her father’s financial wisdom and guidance her entire life, even when she was too young to fully appreciate or even heed his advice. Drawn to literature and the performing arts from a young age, she majored in philosophy during her liberal arts undergraduate studies at Colorado College in Colorado Springs.


Upon graduation, Angela leveraged her natural writing talents as a copywriter, social media manager, and content manager in various industries ranging from tech startups to marketing agencies to established retail corporations. After a decade working as a professional wordsmith, she grew intellectually restless and noticed many of her colleagues and peers — though gifted in their own professional niche — still struggled to navigate their own personal finances.


Ready for a change, she began looking into the Certified Financial Planner certification as a way to formally study personal finance and launch into a career that positioned her to make a meaningful positive impact on individuals and families. Angela’s unique background as a younger biracial woman has helped distinguish her in an industry dominated by an overwhelmingly older Caucasian male demographic.


In addition to partnering with her father to produce the Blue Jeans Millionaire library of books, Angela serves clients through her financial advisory practice based in Austin, TX while maintaining a salaried position as a Content Strategist and professional wordsmith. In her spare time, she enjoys riding her 125cc scooter, spending time with her husband and pets, performing improvisational comedy, and has recently completed a 200-hour yoga teacher certification.

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