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The Three Legged Stool: Version 2.0

Saturday, August 31st, 2013, by

Here’s an ancient rhubarb that we once learned about our ultimate retirement funding. The three legged stool. For those of you too young to remember, the three legs of the stool were: a.  Social Security b.  Your defined benefit pension payment, from your thirty plus years of employment with the same benevolent employer. c  Your […]

Detroit’s Bankruptcy: The Harvest from the Excess of the New Deal

Saturday, July 27th, 2013, by

I’ve long touted the benefits of the streaming Netflix service…all those online movies and documentaries.  One you will want to add to your list is “Detroipia” a clear eyed look at the decline and fall of one of America’s formerly great cities. I’ve been sifting through all the editorials written about the recent bankrupcty filing, […]

These Guys Just Don’t Have A Clue

Saturday, July 6th, 2013, by

By now you’ve heard the news…the latest retreat from full enforcement of the laughably named “Affordable Health Care Act”. For those of you who have learned to tune out the national discourse on this dismal piece of legislation, there was an especially onerous provision that mandated employer paid health care on every company that had […]

The Inefficiencies of the Efficient Markey Theory

Saturday, May 18th, 2013, by

The Nobel Prize committee may be having second thoughts on all the prizes awarded to economists these past several decades. And while we are on the topic, let’s remember that there are Nobel Prizes awarded in areas where scientific discovery is justified. I’m thinking of the prizes in medicine, physics and mathematics. But then we […]

March Madness…Not Hoops…The Sequester

Saturday, March 30th, 2013, by

Here we go again. The administration is in a snit, because it is being held accountable for last year’s grand bargain, which has resulted in the so called sequester.  This is not a cut in baseline spending, but rather a reduction in the rate of increase.  And to make sure that the public gets a […]

Watching a Train Wreck in Slow Motion

Saturday, March 16th, 2013, by

When Casey Stengel was manager of the baseball Mets, back in their early and hapless formative years, he was heard to lament…”Can’t anyone here play this game?” Which is prologue for the unforeseen consequences that are now fully evident from the onset of Obamacare….actions that were predicted in full back in 2010 and now are […]

Taxes Going Forward: It Could Have Been Much Worse

Saturday, January 12th, 2013, by

I’ve held off on commenting on the fumbling and stumbling New Years day resolution on taxes, until I could reconcile my conflicting reactions. Like any sensible person, I am appalled at the unwillingness to even address the spending side of the equation.  We are smiling on the way to an eventual apocalypse.  Each year that […]

The Fiscal Cliff…was reached and breached in 1971!

Thursday, December 20th, 2012, by

So much nonsense about the so-called fiscal cliff now just 12 days hence. Of course there will be a deal.  Maybe not before year end, but shortly thereafter.  We seem to have our priorities backward.  We allow our national legislators to serve for time on end, with no term limits.  But we sunset important legislation […]