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About BJM

So…why another Blog? There must be a gazillion personal finance logs out there already.

In no particular order, here’s why.

  1. I want to empower others to learn to self-manage their financial future. Working with my clients, I have come to a very disturbing conclusion: They trust their advisers implicitly, without the usual scrutiny and skepticism they would have if shopping for a new car or a new HDTV. If you can manage a career and a family, you can be your own wealth manager. If you have raised children, you have already done something that requires much more skill and dedication and perseverance.
  2. My wealth management practice is highly restricted, limited to fewer than fifteen families. By necessity, these are high net worth families, who each pay an asset-based service fee in the low to mid five figures annually. There is no other way I know of to share my experience, ideas, and strategies with the many other individuals and families who may benefit from the expertise of a private wealth manager.
  3. I don’t see other wealth managers out there with my wide range of experience. See the About Me page for more than forty years’ worth of experience, education, and professional licenses.
  4. You need someone who was once serving on the dark side to let you know what to expect in your dealings with so-called financial professionals. You want to think that their skill is in managing money. No. The skill that is in most demand is in managing client expectations. They work at knowing how to handle you…not how to handle your money.
  5. You need to have a guide to the vast subterranean range of “orphan” investment products and services. These are the low or no fee products out there, without an iota of sponsorship. These are the investments that are bought, not sold.
  6. You need a forum where you can discuss these points and get a straight answer. When I was in earlier road warrior mode, I never had the time or inclination to reflect on these matters. You have caught me in the sweet spot of my career. I have the time and now the ideal format with which to communicate, and I am in the netherworld of having a great deal to say, while searching for a vast audience to connect with. And I don’t have any compunctions about biting the hand that used to feed me.
  7. This is in part, atonement for a detour in my career going back twenty years. After building up a large portfolio of income producing real estate, I went on the road doing real estate seminars under the title “Blue Jeans Millionaire”. I still like the title, but I approach investing with a much more mature and methodical touch now, and I wanted my “beta version” students from the eighties to have a chance to reconnect with me. (Of course, the California real estate crash of 1991-92 wiped out our entire portfolio of properties, in an eerie precursor to the conflagration in real estate now underway.)
  8. I found the perfect tech support team to get this blog up and running. This couple between the two of them have four degrees from Stanford and a wealth of venture capital start up savvy. My investment career began before Steve Jobs and Bill Gates graduated from high school, and I would have been overwhelmed had I attempted to master technology in addition to my investment experience.
  9. Now, about the alternate address that may have led you to this blog: In the final analysis, if my adult children were the only audience for this effort, I would still publish. My tone and tenor is to do what is right for and by them. It occurred to me that others are trying to pass on wisdom to the next generation, and may wish to piggyback on my efforts.

The rest is pretty much up to you, dear readers. My earlier newsletter to my clients went out copyright-protected. Now we enter the open architecture model. You can link like crazy to wherever this blog takes you, and given the normal restrictions of time and priority, I will devote all the free time I can muster to drive new content.