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The Other Three Legged Stool


In our last post we revisited the time honored tradition of sourcing your retirement income from three solid streams of funding.

Today we look at the non financial aspect of your lifetime goals…your physical well being, and how it too can be strengthened by three distinct disciplines.

The goal, simply put, is to tightly compress your morbidity.  Which means that you want to be high functioning for as long as you can, rather than endure the steady decay of your physical functions and living a life constricted by lack of mobility and clear thinking.

And it all comes back to obesity, the wellspring of most of the illnesses that plague our later years…including cardio-vascular disease and dementia.

You’ve heard this before, of course.  The secret to taking the excess weight off…and keeping it a function of both diet and exercise.  Which is only two thirds correct.  The missing leg of the triad is nutritional supplementation.

It’s been twenty years since I launched one of my independent businesses, dealing with a unique nutritional supplement that greatly facilitates weight loss, while also promoting a greatly improved lipid panel (lowering cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose).

This was the missing piece of the puzzle for me, and millions of others.  Think of your many friends as well as your own personal struggle with weight management.  Think of the hours you committed to being a gym rat, trying to sweat it off through strength training and cardio workouts.

And then think about all the fad diets you’ve endured, when exercise alone was not enough to bring about the needed results.  There is a catch all term for these diets–which work very well right up to the point when they not only do not work–but work in reverse.  The Yo-Yo diet phenomenon.

What is needed is the full three pronged approach.  A sensible diet, sourced primarily from home based food preparation (more on that later), reinforced by the unique BiosLife Slim supplement, which helps to create a sense of satiety and fullness to help curb your appetite, and with the final reinforcement of a daily regime of physical activity.

Notice I do not use the word exercise, which is such a turnoff, and which implies some kind of ascetic devotion to painful exertion.  In my case, it involves a brisk 45 minute walk each morning before breakfast, and two afternoons per week at the fitness center for cardio, strength training and my Yoga class, and topped off by six sets of singles tennis and three sets of doubles tennis each week.

It’s part of my routine now, and I make sure to pencil it in to my work schedule so that it is as important as any other business appointment.

Speaking of which…it’s the business environment that creates the greatest hazard to weight maintenance.  Business means business lunches and evening entertainment of clients, which is also a food based activity.

And the dirty secret that nobody wants to face…is that restaurant food is much too rich in calories, fat, sugar and salt.

Show me anyone who eats out on an expense account…and I’ll show you someone who is desperately struggling with a weight problem.

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