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Time Out


timeout.jpgFaithful subscribers…I need to take a break.

After nearly two years of posting every business day, the problem is not a lack of topics.

Just the opposite.

Instead, I have decided to take on additional responsibilities, working with a group of real estate investors, that will place a premium on the time I was once able to carve out to post to our blog.

I’d like to leave the door open, in the event that circumstances once again would permit me the privilege of expressing my views.

Special thanks to those of you who have responded to our plea for sanity and the restoration of market discipline in a world that has temporarily gone mad for statism and redistributionist policies that threaten our once unshakable role as a global leader.

Two outcomes remain.

  1. This declinism continues…perhaps accelerating.
  2. Or we return to our entrepreneurial roots, once we can clearly gauge what he have lost.

I’m confident it will be the latter….but not until considerable collateral damage has been inflicted on our economy.

For my children’s sake…and yours…I hope that our cultural DNA¬† still favors freedom more than it does mindless egalitarianism.

Time will tell.

1 Response to Time Out

  1. Captain Shmorky

    We’ll miss you, BJM! Thanks for the great posts.